Keep Portland Weird

Session One - Gentrification and The Center

fucking Francis and Steven

Over the course of a couple months, the cabal came to realize The Rosemont Community Center, their Chantry and staging ground for neighborhood improvement, was in the center of a massive proposed development plan by The Evergreen Group. The Evergreen Group was buying up property around the Piedmont and Humboldt neighborhoods for profitable (if sterile) improvements. The organization sought to purchase The Center through their legal council Steven Swidersky, and Steven’s helper (and muscle?) Francis put pressure on the party to comply with the sale, making vague threats against the cabal’s loved ones and seeming to begin making The Center seem unsafe to law enforcement (claiming to be bitten by stray animals that surround the place). The cabal resisted, sowing friendship between Swidersky’s son Hayden and local boy Chromo, throwing a highly successful parent’s night at The Center and generating petition signatures to save it, and organizing a Life/Matter BBQ sauce fueled picnic for the board members of The Center at which they convinced 3/5 of them (including board lead Clint Kreegmann) to vote against a sale at this time. The Center was saved for now, but Francis still hangs around the place now and then, concocting who knows what kind of plans.



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