Clint Kreegmann

The head of The Rosemont Community Center board


Clint is the head of The Rosemont Community Center board of trustees. He is a nice old man, liberal and open minded to people of a variety of backgrounds almost to a fault, and pathologically non-confrontational. He does have a talent for getting people to work together however, hence his position at The Center.

Other board members:

  • Zelda Hertzfeld: a strong woman for her generation, has a sharp wit and irreverent spirit, and does whatever the hell she wants
  • Conrad O’Brian: an ex-model, still a distinguished looking man, modest and helpful but a pushover who is easily confused
  • Bill Buckman: a veteran of the Korean war, Bill is nationalistic, territorial, and generally dislikes change but respects a certain classic American sense of manhood and strength
  • Peter Clemsky: a savvy old man, Peter loves technology and progress, keeps up with fashion, but seems to get bored easily and always be looking for the next best thing

Current supports of selling The Center: Zelda and Conrad

Current opponents of selling The Center: Clint, Bill, and Peter

Clint Kreegmann

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