Cody "Ice Cream Man" Sykes

say "Ice Cream Man" to his face and he'll eat your tongue out


Cody is something of a thug local to the Neighborhoods. He runs an old biker bar strip club, “The Bitch’s Nipple”, adjacent to industrial land in Sunderland. His nickname is the “Ice Cream Man” from the days of his youth when he sold meth out of an ice cream truck, but he hates that name, and is believed to have killed at least one person for calling him that to his face.

The cabal has realized that Sykes is or appears to be dead. David discovered his body in a garbage truck after a lucky accident dropped it in front of his apartment. None the less, someone calling themselves Sykes and do a damn good Sykes impression continues to operate at his bar.


Other Employees of The Bitch’s Nipple:

Lula: old-ish but smoking hot bartendress, tough as nails and doesn’t take any shit unless she wants to

Ham-fist Hank: the bouncer, a fat giant of a man who starts as many fights as he stops and has a tendency to drink on the job

Elmo: a quiet, skinny, leathery old man who acts as Cody’s second; his dead-eyed stair can generate more fear than the loud threats of many a younger larger man

Cody "Ice Cream Man" Sykes

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