Dennis Fischmann

a tightly wound broken accountant on the verge of awakening


Scrawny, sickly and greying accountant, Dennis hardly ever sleeps anymore. His health is deteriorating, his sanity, failing. He has black bags under his eyes, bad skin, bad BO, bad teeth, the WORST halitosis, bad back, bad shoulders, bad joints, haunted expression in the eyes… a real charmer.

Being a mathematical child prodigy, Dennis once seemed to have a bright future laid before him. He did well in school, and secured a number of prestigious scholarships, at last completing (with honours) an advanced degree in mathematics from Caltech.
But then something went wrong. Dennis had stumbled upon an inconsistency in the mathematical theorem, an internal collapse which led him to doubt everything he knew and believed in. Through this knowledge, Dennis found that he can effect reality in ways which are impossible to reconcile through logic and reason.

His life has since been spiralling down a course of anxiety and confusion. Dennis is rapidly unravelling on both a physical and mental level. Is he losing his mind, or becoming something new and more than he had ever been before?

His father passed away some time ago, and his relationship with his older brother has always been cold. His mother is the only family Dennis has left, and she is slowly succumbing to an incurable illness and is completely dependant on her son’s money, to pay for her treatments. With no friends to speak of, the only ray of hope in Dennis’s tormented existence is his sometime consort, Destiny, a sex worker who might be more than they appear to be.


Dennis Fischmann

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