Portland, Oregon. I could think of worse cities to live in. Portland is for dreamers and artists, a place where creative minds and believers of things most don’t believe congregate. I’ll take that any day over the greedy prosperity of Seattle. We can sometimes even work our subtler arts out in the open and the Black Hats and Mirror Shades are often too busy sipping local roasted beans or malted barley to notice or care. Portland has relatively mild crime, free of the violent poverty and the mother-fucking vampire psychopaths of a place like Detroit. Yeah, it’s a pretty nice town. Of course, it’s not that fucking nice.

Portland is full of BS. A once beautifully weird burg, the city is now overrun by yuppy hipsters touting their fashionable naturalism as thick as a sheet of velum. Sure, the nature hikes are nice until some mad wolf-man tears your head off for peeing on his ancestor’s something or other. It may look like we don’t have the corrupt and controlling bureaucracy that other cities have, but some days I might prefer a politician who seems as shady as he is instead of one that will shoot you a Birkenstocked-smile and shake your hand at a rainy BBQ just to turn around and sell your neighborhood to the latest wealthy developer in the name of sterilized progress and kicking the heroin attics out.

The city is changing. She’s losing her soul, and while the symptoms may not be as overtly ugly as in some other places, they are still unsavory and they are there. To make matters worse we the young of the Traditions have lost our masters, lost behind the Avatar Storm, stuck in the Horizon, all while the Rouge Council and Control call for renewed aggression between the Techno-idiocy and ourselves. Through it all we have to make some kind of life, some kind of stable peace, and if we want to keep our Awakened-Souls, above all we have got to Keep Portland Weird.

Keep Portland Weird is a Mage: The Ascension city-neighborhood game about mages trying to make some kind of lives for themselves in the post-active Ascension War and Avatar Storm period. It is a game about exploring what it is to live a human life as a mage and secondary parallel life within the societies of the Traditions, and how the battle for your own city can be just as great as that for Horizon itself. The game uses the M20 rules.

Keep Portland Weird