The Rosemont Community Center


The Rosement Community Center, a.k.a. The Center, is an old reclaimed church that has been turned into a community center near historic Piedmont roughly on the border of the Piedmont and Humboldt neighborhoods. The facility hosts a variety of community enhancement programs for all ages, but it is particularly known for it’s youth and senior programs (the nearby Rosemont Commons senior living facility is one of The Center’s best sources of patrons).

Beneath is Sleeper face, The Center is in fact a mixed Tradition Chantry. The focus of this Chantry is the health of the surrounding neighborhoods and to stand as a point of calm and solace for Traditionalist mages both local and just passing through. The player character of this game call The Center their home, and they are major contributors to the magical and mundane aspects of the Chantry.

Following is a list highlighting some details about The Center and some involvement by the various PCs:

  • The Center hosts many events and programs for the community, such as:
    • Bingo night at The Center is extremely popular with the senior residents of Rosemont Commons. Somehow it seems the final purse is always larger than the collective buy in and the winner always seems to be whoever needed the money the most that week.
    • Robin organizes several charity activities that are focused at The Center, including a weekly soup kitchen and periodic/seasonal donation drives for clothes, toys, and food.
    • Richard heads many crafting and tech-Ed classes at the center. He has even converted an old rec room to a shop for that purpose.
    • Oded heads a youth group teaching his flavor of spirituality. This group also doubles as an art class that involves itself in mural painting throughout The Center
    • The Center has a tutoring program for local youths, primarily in math and science. David is involved in the math tutoring.
    • There is a bi-weekly board game night. Though a Sleeper event, this has become a popular place for mages to challenge one another, bringing their magickal talents to bear in epic rounds of Settlers of Catan and Agricola, as well as chess, go, and other classics.
    • There is a currently a project to build a small park out back. Elizabeth Monroe is involved in this, and though subtle those with the eyes to notice will see all the constructions, art and playgrounds, etc. fit very specific geometric patterns.
  • There are many unique and strange features of the center that arise from the various mages and their activities, including:
    • In addition to many minor ones showing dragons, angels, geometric patterns and visual poetry, there are two great murals Oded has painted in The Center. The first is a memorial to parishioners and members of the community who have died. Thankfully, it’s mostly blank but a number of mages who disappeared in the Avatar Storm are featured on it. The second is a mysteries wall of color, light and shadow that has come to be known as “The Eyes of God”. Oded unconsciously wove subtle Prime into this wall such that all who view it and the feeling that they glimpse the divine it whatever image fits their belief and background.
    • Richard has found/built a tunnel through the old neighborhood sewer system from The Center to his shop’s basement (which is also the location of a powerful Node).
    • Collectively the mages have developed many wards to keep Sleepers from the magickal back-end of The Center. These include spatial effects that make entrances very difficult to find to the non-awakened, subtle mind effects that lead to elderly patrons intervening in strange ways to keep folks out, and in some cases more overt wards that simulate failing facilities with barriers of steam and electric shock. Where the trappings of these wards would be visible, Oded and his youth group have hidden them with murals and art work.
    • The Center is known in the mage community as a place to seek out technomancy in the form of devices and tutelage, both provided by Richard.
    • The Center is also know as a place of rest and protection for Traditionalist mages.
    • Strange complex geometric patterns often manifest in and around the Chantry, as potholes, collections of flowers outside, scuffs on the floors, books that have fallen of shelves, etc.
    • The Center is a gathering place for stray dogs and cats. What attracts them here is a mystery, but it is assumed to be because some House Ex Misc (Merinita) Maga did…something…ages ago on the spot. The animals are friendly, but they are somewhat overly affectionate at times.
  • The ownership and management of The Center involves several stake holders, as follows:
    • The actual deed holder for The Center is Elizabeth Monroe, David’s mentor and a PCC math professor (as well as House Fortunae Hermetic). Though she was involved with the upstart of the Chantry, when it;s mission became more Tradition agnostic Elizabeth stepped into the background.
    • The management of The Center is handled by a board. Board meetings are Sleeper affairs, but certain prominent members of the Chantry hold high positions on the board.
    • Richard provides regular donations from the proceeds of his shop to keep The Center running.

The Rosemont Community Center

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